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smoking wood chips impregnated in whiskey

COOK IN WOOD cold smoking is the ideal product for cold smoking.

It is a completely natural product made from oak barrels used for ageing the most famous wines and spirits from Spain, England, Portugal, and France. By using a proprietary process, the main culinary characteristics such as flavor and aroma are retained.

COOK IN WOOD cold smokingis ideal for all types of food: meat, sausages, fish, clams, cheese, pizza, fruit, etc.

The recommended temperature for cold smoking food is between 20 and 30° C (68-86° F).

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Product: Aromatic dust.

Composition: Dust arising the staves for Barrels: Sherry, Whiskey and Fino Wine.

Presentation: Plastic box.

Weight: 140g

Product recommended for:Meat, sausages, fish, clams, cheese, pizza, fruit, etc.

  Barbecue  Gas barbecue


Fill the smoker with around 100-120g (3½ - 4¼ oz.) of smoking powder. Make sure the powder on the upper part is level.

Light the candle and place it where indicated. Once you see smoke coming out of the smoker, remove the candle.

The wood powder will burn for about 10 hours.


-          The smoke generator must be clean. Remove dirt with warm water and soap, then rinse well.

-          Store the powder in a cool, dry place.

-          If the powder does not burn, dry it in the microwave for around 30 seconds. Caution: only insert the powder; do not insert the metal smoke generator in the microwave.

-          Place the smoker in a closed area but where there is some airflow. Make sure there is enough airflow to obtain as much smoke as possible.