100% Natural Product

Gourmet Quality



We are “Cook in Wood” from Spain. COOK IN WOOD aromatic has the best products for grills and smoker BBQ. We are a successful manufacturer of wood chips, oak broken staves, chunks, dust, which are made from oak barrels especially produced for BBQ Grills. Our costumers can purchase our range of products in various flavors. We use old oak barrels, which were once cognac, whiskey, brandy, sherry, porto wine, muscat wine, red wine and fino wine fermented. We are unique in the world, our smoke flavored cold and warm.

As a patented product, 100% natural, guarantees the finest gourmet quality. All our smoking woods “Cook in Wood” are suitable for BBQs, BBQ Smokers, gas smokers, electric smokers, charcoal smokers and charcoal professional ovens.

“Cook in Wood”is the ideal product for all types of food: meat, sausages and poultry, mushrooms, cheese, veggies, fish, clams, mushrooms, pizzas, desserts, fruit and even butter.

We are proud of the quality of our excellent products. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you buy any of our fine accessories.



Our company also has a PRIVATE LABEL program that is capable of designing, producing, packaging and distributing.