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CHUNKS STAVES 500g & 1200g

aromatic firewood impregnated in red wine

CHUNKS STAVES 500g & 1200g is an oak wood used in wine making, which makes it the ideal fuel for grilling all kinds of food (meat, fish, etc. ..)

Its combustion to be slower than that of coal, makes the embers take longer to go out, so you can cook more food.

The characteristics of the oak, along with the wine, the taste of the food supplement with new shades and surprising flavors.
roast fishroast chicken roast porkroast meat
roast rabbitgrilled seafood roast lambroast vegetables

Product: Wooden staves made from French, American and European oak used in the production of wines and spirits.

Composition:Oak wood impregnated with red wine.

Average thickness of the stave: 27 mm.

Cut to 3 - 5 cm x corresponding stave thickness.

Presentation: Wood held together with tape.

Format: 500g & 1200g

Product recommended for:

Barbecue wood

1. Take the strip of container.

2. Place the product into the barbecue.

3. Light the fire.

4. Wait 120 to 180 minutes until the formation of coals.

5. Place the grill and food.

6. Cooking roast taste.