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OAK BROKEN STAVES BBQaromatic firewood fragmented impregnated in red wine

Southern wines are produced in a Mediterranean climate with some influence of the Atlantic Ocean. The harvest usually takes place in early September when the grapes are soft and sweet.

Once fortified, the wine is generally stored in 500-liter American oak barrels (known as “botas”), with pronounced aromas of walnuts, toasted nuts and vegetables reminiscent of hardwood, blond tobacco and dry leaves. It is the most suitable wine for game and red meat, combining perfectly with meat stews and especially with gelatinous meats such as oxtail or cheek meat. It pairs exceptionally with mushrooms and cured cheeses.

For charcoal professional ovens. Pre soak your OAK BROKEN STAVES for at least 24 hours prior to use, this will extend the qty of smoke that you get and make your wood last longer. Do not put them directly onto your heat source dripping wet, allow them to rest for at least one hour once you remove them from the water. You can also slow down the burn of your OAK BROKEN STAVES by wrapping them in foil with small holes.



roast rabbitgrilled seafood roast lambroast vegetables

roast fishroast chicken roast porkroast meat

 Is successfully used with carbon professional ovens,

 such as Josper, Pira , Inka , Bertha, Movilfrit, Ration, Kopa…