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smoking wood chips impregnated in whiskey

The red wine is a noble drink, macerated in oak barrels for the best result. The oak helps the aging, changing the taste, color and flavor of the wine. When this maceration process ends, the oak wood maintains the flavour and aroma of the wine.

This barrels are transformed into wood chips for smoking, the perfect complement for cooking barbecue, due to the flawless combination between the strenght of the red wine and the quality of the oak wood.

The red wine instil and intensify the flavors of the wine aging to the food, also providing hydration, color and flavor to any type of meat of vegetables you use, in order to achieve a high quality result.

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Before cooking water soak wood chips for about 30-60 minutes before use, as more moist wood flavor to food provided.

During the roast:

For coal or wood barbecues:

Once prepared grilled directly add a handful of chips. Place the grill and you start cooking.

For gas barbecues:

Before lighting the barbecue place in his front left corner (below the cooking grate) wet wood chips on a plate / sheet foil. Place the grill, light the barbecue and you can start cooking.
To optimize the cooking process is recommended to close the lid of the barbecue.

Product: Wooden staves made from French, American and European oak used in the great Châteaux of France and Winieries from Spain for producing wines.

Composition: Oak chips from red wine barrels.

Presentation: Plastic bag.

Weight: 360g & 900g

Product recommended for:

  Barbecue  Gas barbecue