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smoking wood chips impregnated in whiskey

COOK IN WOOD smoking chips BBQis an innovative product. The chips are ideal for charcoal and gas barbecues and come in a wide range of flavors: RED WINE, WHISKY, SHERRY, BRANDY, PORTO WINE, FINO WINE, MUSCAT WINE, COGNAC AND ANDALUSIAN FLAVORS.

The chips are completely natural, made from oak barrels used for ageing wines and spirits from Rioja and elsewhere in Spain, France, and Portugal. By using a proprietary process, the main culinary characteristics such as flavor and aroma are retained.

COOK IN WOOD chips BBQis the ideal product for all types of food: meat, vegetables, fish, pizzas, desserts, etc.

Especially recommended for smoking food.

vegetables roastchicken roast pork roastmeat roast

Product: Wooden staves made from French, American and European oak used in the great Winieries from Spain for producing wines and spirits.

Composition: Oak chips from barrels.

Presentation: Aluminium Box.

Weight: 5x90g

Product recommended for:
  Barbecue  Gas barbecue

Choose your favorite flavor from a large variety of trays

The single-use trays let you smoke food with your barbeque without a smoker

Quick and easy to use:

Pour water into the tray and leave the chips to soak for 30 to 60 minutes.

Remove the water.

Place on the barbeque, and it’s ready for use.