Almond Pellets (2000g)

Our smoking pellets come from Andalusia’s finest fruit trees.

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Product: Mediterranean fruit tree wood is used in the production of the product.
Composition: Tree wood pellets infused with a unique flavor.
Presentation: Paper bag.
Weight: 2000 grams.
Product recommended for: Wood Barbecues and Gas Barbecues

To ensure optimal results, we recommend the following instructions depending on the medium used:

  • Cut a piece of 6” x 12” (15cm – 30cm) heavy-duty aluminum foil and fold it in half.
  • Seal the sides by folding the foil over twice to make the pouch.
  • Fill the pouch with pellets but leave enough space at the top to fold over and seal the pouch closed.
  • Punch a small hole in the center of the pouch on one side.
  • Push as much air out of the pouch as possible.
  • Place the pouch on or above the heat source (charcoal or gas flame) with the hole you made facing up.
  • Close the lid to capture the flavored smoke.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 19 × 31 × 8 cm
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