Charcoal 4KG

Charcoal makes the barbecue, so we take it seriously.
Our charcoal will give the best results for your barbecue, especially when it comes to smoking!
They are the perfect fuel to use with smoking wood.

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Natural charcoal produced traditionally in a clay oven
Made of hardwood, not sparking, and with high calorific value.
The key features of our charcoal are:
– 100% hardwood
– High density
– More than 4h of burning time
– Calorific value: Not less than 6 000 Kcal/Kg
– Maximum humidity allowed: 6%
– Solid carbon: 80-90% • Abrasive: 68%.
– Ash: 2%
– Volatile: 5-10%.
– Uniform color.
– Sound: Metallic, does not spark or explode, burns with a smokeless flame. Approximate dimensions

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 25 × 70 × 10 cm
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Cook In Wood

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