Coconut Briquette

Our coconut coal is a premium charcoal made exclusively of coconut shells, a sustainable

and renewable crop. Not a single tree is felled to produce our briquetes. Every 1000 kg we

make means saving from 50 to 75 trees, contributing to the global effort to stem climate

change and deforestation. Doesn’t cause unpleasant smells, even when used in enclosed

areas. Extra-long burn time so is more economical than other briquettes.

No chemicals added to help you enjoy an amazing bbq.

100% Natural and environmentally friendly.

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Product: Coconut shell charcoal briquettes.
Composition: Coconut shells compressed to briquette.
Presentation: Cardboard box.
Weight: 3 KG.
Product recommended for: Wood Barbecues and Gas Barbecues

Moisture : 6%
Volatile Matter : 14%
Ash : 5%
Fixed Carbon : 75%
Burning Time : 2-3 hours
Calorific Value : 7.200 Kcal./Kg

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 28 × 16 × 9 cm
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Cook In Wood

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28 x 16 x 8 cm