100 icebreaker questions to get the conversation started

Show one thing on your desk or in your workspace that has personal significance to you. Share a time when you faced a significant challenge at work and how you overcame it. Share a piece of advice you would give to someone starting in our industry. Even if your coworkers aren’t tuned into NYFW, they’re sure to recognize some of the most popular clothing brands. Explore more uncommon talents and see which your coworkers would like to have in this type of questionnaire.

online meeting ice breakers

Go back and forth between clicking and rubbing in order to replicate the sound of rain and then invite the group to stop and enjoy a break in the shower. Explain that they will get to know each other through their keys. A great way to get to know each other is to have participants place themselves on an imaginary map laid out in the room representing the country according to where they grew up. Ask them to share one internal value they got from that place, and why that is important for them. It’s got to be something where it helps you to get the other person better.

Easy icebreaker questions for small groups

Now that you’re relying more on virtual meetings you need to make sure that they don’t go a little stale especially if you’re having a daily check in with your team. Days before the meeting ask your coworkers to send you icebreakers for virtual meetings a picture of their home office. Every Monday (or day you choose), share a picture of the office and they need to guess whose office is that one. It’s fun, dynamic, and easy to play with, especially for virtual meetings.

200 Unique Icebreaker Questions for Adults – WeAreTeachers

200 Unique Icebreaker Questions for Adults.

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A great opportunity to shake some life into your body and give each employee a little caloric boost to take your meeting to new heights. Wild Goose Chase is an entertaining and invigorating in-person icebreaker for big groups where teams compete to find hidden items throughout the city. Additionally, this fun icebreaker for big groups may be quickly tailored to meet your group’s size and requirements. It is a game based on the traditional Rock Paper Scissors game but with a twist. The people who lost become fans and have to cheer for the players still in the game. The final is cheered on by a large crowd & the excitement is through the roof!

Everyone is a Liar (Two truths and one lie)

Ask your team to pick one to three essentials and ask everyone to explain why they chose them. Someone might show their dog’s favorite bandana because they’d never vacation without their pup. Another team member might reveal a bag of MnMs since they eat chocolate every day. Personalities, hobbies, and more will come to light and forge new friendships.