Cook In Wood Presentation

“Cook In Wood” is the leading brand producing smoking accessories. We are a successful manufacturer of wood chips, chunks, dust, oak broken staves, pellets, foodie power blocks, and planks. Our products are made entirely from oak barrels, mainly produced for BBQ Grills. Our goods are available in many flavors. We use old oak barrels, which were used in distilleries. We are unique with our exotic gamma of flavors, and our smoke aroma is the most intense and long-lasting. As a patented and 100% natural product, it guarantees the finest quality. All our smoking products are suitable and can be used in BBQs, BBQ smokers, gas smokers, electric smokers, charcoal smokers, and professional charcoal ovens. Our products are ideal for all types of food like meat, sausages, chicken, cheese, vegetables, seafood, mushrooms, pizzas, desserts, fruit, butter, and even salt. We are always offering an excellent quality line of products.